Our main production facility is located
in the southern Chinese area of
Shenzhen. This city is located near
the border to the Special Administrative
Region (SAR) of Hong Kong. The facility
is a clean, secure plant with three floors
including complete eating areas and
dormitories for the employees, most of
whom live on-site. The facility is located
on a main highway and has easy access
to the port and airport of Hong Kong.

Precision parts - Box part components
are produced semi-automatically using
die cutting equipment.

Manufacturing Facility -

Hand assembly
Many boxes are made by hand with numerous employees producing
complete box sets.

Quality assurance -
In addition to individual production
workers responsible for quality,
independent quality inspectors
check random boxes throughout
the production run.

Metered production
Whenever practical, numerous
production workers produce boxes
along moving assembly belt
production lines.