Keepsake tins. What better way to promote
your brand than with packaging that customers
just can not part with.
   Our beautiful full color graphics metal tins not
only make great packages but are kept and reused
over and over again.
   All shapes, sizes and styles are available with
tooling on hand.
   A myriad of internal tray styles to hold your
products rounds out this great keepsake package.

   Best of the Best in Spirits With vivid four color
graphics and embossing our tall tins for packaging
specialty spirits will make your brand jump at retail.

   Media Packaging Because of their built-in toughness,
what better way exists to protect CD’s, DVD’s, games
and more for repeated in and out usage?

   Specialty graphic appliqués
Our embedded enamel appliqué
decorating process allows for
your beautiful graphics to have
that "under glass" appearance.
An eye catching, gorgeous and
truly upscale look.

   Beauty, strength and visibility At times, the visual
impact or your product is critical. Our clear-top metal
tins give you the best of all worlds - a "keeper" package,
striking graphics and product visibility.