Attention! In a world of increasing
media clutter, focusing your
message to gain the attention of
the targeted recipient is increasingly
critical. Unique press release and
new product introduction kits are a
specialty at Paradise.
We use shape, structure, tactile
relativity, sound and even smell to
seize that moment of impact between
your message and the recipient.
product packaging killarney's Showing it all.This beautiful faceted
box not only contains multiple product
and press release components such
as slides, glossies and a brand story, it even contains the product and
opportunity to experience it.
Complete fulfillment and drop
shipping by Paradise also!
Press Release Kit that's a Keeper
That plain manila envelope just no
longer works if you have an important
message that needs to be heard and
acted upon. Our unique combinations
of seemingly incongruent materials
such as bold metallics and soft
velours make for some truly
magnificent keepsake kits.
product packaging
product packaging pen
product packaging folder
Five easy steps! Many of our products are
designed to lead the recipient through a series of
steps which allows your brand message to unfold
before them to provide for both a meaningful and
extended brand experience.
Classic Print. If your goal is
retention of print materials, our
pocketed kits are the answer.
Our complete fulfillment operation
offers you turnkey production of
the finished unit.
Any combination. Whether your
message is delivered via print,
CD, VHS, audio tape or any
combination, Paradise puts the
whole package together to create
a harmonious and memorable
brand experience.
product packaging glass
product packaging tape
Yes, even glass! There is just no better
way to introduce your product than to
provide the actual product. Even if it
happens to be glass for skyscrapers!
Paradise finds a way to creatively present,
package and ship it effectively.