....Whether your need is a narrow
full height tube or squat hat box style,
our round boxes and tubes are a showcase
for your products. From full color printing
to specialty papers with stamping, embossing and more, the decorating
options for both inside and out are truly
limitless. Cap it all off with your choice of
metal, plastic or paperboard end caps and
plugs and this truly becomes the most well
rounded of packaging presentations!

Shaker Tops
A complete selection of shaker styles and sizes exists to meet all of your food and condiment packaging needs

Talc Canisters
From full size to "mini shakers" in any
height with non-sifting caps and plastic
bottom plugs, our talc cans are ready to
fill and ready to sell.

Square peg in a round hole Unique combination
designs are our specialty. We make it all fit.

Make the rounds
Our hat box style boxes can
be made in any size or depth.
Specialty fill materials and cords
and grommets are available.
Pack-out fulfillment is always
an option.

CD Promos
Who says CD’s are always found in a jewel case?
Window display Folks here at Paradise love
these boxes. Gorgeous rounds and ovals with
windows that show off your products.